Welcome to Robbinsdale United Church Of Christ!

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We are so glad you're here! Here are a couple of things you should know about us:

We love you. We strive to show our love to God by loving you.

We believe that you are created in God's image.

We believe that we are called to follow Christ: in loving, in accepting, in teaching, in forgiving, in serving, in sacrifice.

We believe that your story, added to ours, will make us more whole.

A Pastoral Letter On Racism: A New Awakening

"The extrajudicial killing of black and brown men and women by police officers is in and of itself reason to cry out against injustice. But the targeted shooting of police officers is also reason to mourn and lament the use of violence. We cannot conflate and equate one kind of tragedy with another or simplify complex realities that cannot be 'fixed' overnight. We should not be creating more strife by participating in attempts to make this an 'us against them' conflict, nor should we allow ourselves to look away from the harsh realities of this historic moment pretending that racism is not at the core of the injustice." Read The Letter

Our History

25 years ago a small committee came together to compile a history of our first 100 years.  At our 125th anniversary, we celebrate their foresight by re-publishing our history as an ebook.

We offer it in 2 formats so that most eBook readers can view it.

Download A Ball of Butter, A Quest For Light

What Is Church?

"Church is where you learn to love."  -Rev T Michael Rock, Pastor and Teacher

Our core values:

hope, faith, love,
equality, compassion, justice,

Open And Affirming

We believe we are all made in God's image (Gen 1:27).

Our doors are open to people of any

race, sex, color
physical or mental ability
sexual orientation and gender identity
All bring many gifts. All people are welcome. Period.

Friends And Family

We believe God's work happens in community.  The friendships we form here last a lifetime.  Our church has many ways for you to participate and connect with others.

Find Out What's Happening

A People In Mission

We believe we are called to create a more hopeful, more loving world.  The life of Jesus is our example.

Do Justice

Lights! Pizza! Action!

A faith community develops the whole person throughout life.

Here Carol Nordli is working with our youth rehearsing a musical.

What passion will you follow?