Spiritual Practices to Ignite the Senses

A wholistic spirituality is a sensual experience.  This Lent we are experiencing our faith in a very old "new" way: by engaging the senses.  Each worship service will focus on one of the senses: smell, touch, sight, sound and taste.  Please join us on our Lenten journey.

Worship with us Sunday, 10:00am

Open And Affirming

We believe we are all made in God's image (Gen 1:27).

We celebrate all people of all races, sexes, colors, physical or mental abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities as reflections of God's love for a diverse creation.

All people are welcome. Period.

What Is Church?

"Church is where you learn to love."  -Rev T Michael Rock, Pastor and Teacher

We believe church is another way for you to connect to the world.  We strive to create a community that values hope, faith, love, equality, compassion, justice and meaning.

These are our core values, and always have been.  We believe they are a relevant message for today's world.

A Community Of Friends

And Family.  We believe God's work happens in community.  The friendships we form here last a lifetime.  Our church has many ways for you to participate and connect with others

Find Out What's Happening

Lights, Pizza, Action!

A faith community should develop the whole person at every stage of life.

Here Carol Nordli is working with our youth rehersing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Dramatic arts have always had a strong tradition in our congregation.  What passion will you follow?

A People In Mission

Jesus has a lot to say about injustice: poverty, hunger, homelessness, racism, and income disparity.

So do we.

We believe we are called to create a more hopeful, more loving world.

Do Justice

Welcome to Robbinsdale United Church Of Christ!

We are so glad you stopped by to learn more about our community! Here are a couple of things you should know about us:

We love you. We strive to show our love to God by loving you.

We believe that you are created in God's image.

We believe that we are called to follow Christ: in loving, in accepting, in teaching, in forgiving, in serving, in sacrifice.

We believe that your story, added to ours, will make us more whole.

125 Years

Robbinsdale United Church of Christ is celebrating our 125th year as a congregation. The history of our town and our church go hand in hand. We are compiling an online history to celebrate who we have been and who we shall become. We invite you to become part of that story.